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                      writer  broadcaster  film maker  sailor

I've written countless books over the years.

On the books page you'll find everything from science for kids, ocean sailing, and a volume devoted to a pig I once loved.


After a working lifetime in front of the camera, I've always wanted to be on the other side.

That's what I do now as a cameraman/ director making films about anything that catches my eye.

Have a look at the films page.


Sailing has been hugely important in my life and it is my lengthy ocean passages of which I am most proud.

Read of my adventures on the Sailing Page



People describe me as a well- known writer and broadcaster, but life has been much broader than that. Have a look at the Biog page where you can read about the multitude of projects I've been involved with, and then some of the memorable moments from my tv and radio life on the Broadcast page.

I've been a widely-published writer too, and you'll see some of my titles of the 'Books' page.

Alongside all this, I've managed to be an early organic farmer, keeper of working farm horses - Suffolk Punches - and an ocean sailor.

And there's been a family life too.  I'm married to columnist and broadcaster, Libby Purves. We have a late son, Nicholas, and a daughter Rose. Oh, and Pickle the dog. We live beside the seaside on the Suffolk coast.



Thanks for submitting. All messages will be read but I can't promise to reply to all of them.

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