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Film Maker

My time spent as a film technician at the BBC's venerable Ealing Studios in the late 60s were a terrific introduction to a world in which I was to spend so much of my working life.

But remember, I started as a sound assistant, a technical job, not a broadcaster.

That love of all things to do with the technical aspects of broadcasting have never left me, and having more time I have now returned to them.

All those things I longed to do as a kid, like make my own films, are now within the grasp of everyone, and for modest sums of money. So I have brought together my technical knowledge, journalistic skills and broadcast understanding, to make films on my own.

I am mostly a one-man-band of cameraman, sound man, editor, producer and director, and the strict rule is that films are done on a zero-budget basis.

I am loving every minute of it.

Here are just a few films as a taster. 

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