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Below you can scroll through just a few of the many books I have written.

For high seas adventure, try 'One Wild Song' - my voyage to Cape Horn. Or 'Last Man Across the Atlantic' telling the story of my single-handed Atlantic adventure.  

If you get a taste for it, then 'Ocean Sailing' will show you how to do it.

It was great fun to compile three books of science questions and answers for inquisitive children: 'Does your nose run in space?' for example.  You find the answer to this and many other crazy questions in 'Can Cows Walk Downstairs?', 'Can Crocodiles Cry?' and 'Do Cats Have Belly Buttons?'

I have written books on rural themes, including my 'Farmer's Diary', 'George Soper's Horses',  'The Traditional Farming Year', and  my hymn of praise to Alice, my beloved Large Black Pig.

'The Nuts and Bolts of Life' took me into the world of medical invention.

'Playing  with Fire' helped me explore my passion for burning wood.

For those of you old enough to remember, 'In at the Deep End' gives an insight into the making of that hit 1980s tv series.

Search Amazon and for more  - you'll even find two novels if you dig deep enough.

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