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Sailing has been a hugely important part of my life since I discovered a love for it in my early twenties. They say it runs in the blood - my family, on my mother's side, were fishermen and lifeboatmen on the Yorkshire coast.

I started with a tiny 17 footer, bravely taking her across the Thames Estuary and onwards to Holland, and now I have a 38 foot cutter, Wild Song, which took me to Cape Horn and back on a largely singlehanded sailing adventure of a lifetime - see Books 'One Wild Song'

Although a cruising sailor, I joined the Azores and Back Race in 2003 which gave me an appetite for ocean sailing and led to my taking part in the Singlehanded Transatlantic Race in 2005 -  nearly 3,000 miles in 32 days alone.

Apart from my books, I have a regular column in Sailing Today magazine.

I am deeply proud to be the Commodore of the Royal Cruising Club, and a Younger Brother, Trinity House.


Anchored at the foot of

the Patagonian glaciers

'Wild Song' approaches Staten Island on the southern tip of South America


'Wild Song' heading down to Cape Horn


'Ayesha' crosses the start line of the 2005 OSTAR. Read about it in 'Last Man Across the Atlantic'

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